Fife Council’s Transportation Services approached the Scottish Government in early 2004 with a view to providing a ‘Rural Demand Responsive Public Transport Service’ in the East Area of Fife. The Area has settlements with populations of 10,000 or less. In March 2004, the Council successfully bid for £414,000 over 2 years to provide a number of demand responsive (‘phone and go’) taxibus services in East Fife. These services are branded as ‘Go-Flexi’ and commenced on 16 August 2004.

Go-Flexi’s success was recognised in 2006 as a winner in the ‘Putting the Customer First’ category of the Fife Partnership Excellence Awards and at the same time, secured a further 2 years funding from the Government.

In October 2007, Go-Flexi won again, this time in the ‘Accessibility’ category at the Scottish Transport Awards.

Now firmly established as part of the rural public transport network in North and East Fife, Fife Council continues to fund the services and introduced two further routes in August 2009.