F3 – St Andrews / New Gilston / Kemback FlexiZone

Go Flexi Service F3 runs like a taxi but at normal bus fares. It allows you to travel within a ‘FlexiZone’ – which is an area containing a number of settlements – or between the FlexiZone and some designated points outwith the zone. By simply phoning Go-Flexi in advance, you can travel to or from any of the settlements at any time within a specific period.

Travel outwith the FlexiZone is permitted to/from:

  • Pitscottie
  • Upper Largo
  • Dairsie
  • Leuchars Railway Station
  • Strathkinness
  • St Andrews
  • Dunino
  • Largoward

Click on the following link for more information and area map:



Monday – Thursday 
0700 – 1815 0700 – 2330 0815 – 2330

Go-Flexi operates during these times only.